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(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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10/04/2011Updated the National System Maps on the Repeaters Page.
07/04/2011Fixed error on the History Page (36). (Had "75cm" insted of "70cm". The word "repeater" was mssing. 
10/02/2011The "Web Ring" Link-box on the Main page has been removed because it often Hi-Jacks the Browser and takes you straight to the Webring site. The "back" button won't even get you back to ZL2JA.
03/01/2011Happy New Year.
Added details/links etc. for the "National System Award 2011" Updated copyright notice date.
Added sample 2010 (November) pages to the on-line archive "Old-Pages" section.
30/12/2010Reworked the "Listen" Page. New and better "server on/off line" status code. Old code would say the server was up (the DNAS) even though the transcoder was down.
"The SHOUTcast Distributed Network Audio Server (DNAS) is responsible for the actual streaming and broadcasting of your audio content out to the world."
"The SHOUTcast transcoder is the tool broadcasters and DJs useto source and manage their SHOUTcast stations."
24/12/2010Old "Lastest News" listings page added...
22/12/2010The "President's Letter" page has been "blogger-ised" (for want of a better word) For future use. 
06/12/2010New masthead with Clubroom 'photo, and newish look colour scheme, font, and layout,... (sort of).
Layout/colours/fonts, etc., now mostly controlled by CSS
Reworked some of the text formatting in the History section.
06/11/2010Meeting minutes for October 2010 Posted
22/10/2010AGM minutes for 2009 Posted
19/10/2010Meeting minutes for September 2010 Posted
05/10/2010Updated "Club Officials" for 2010-2011 from AGM. Next meeting info. Changed footer icons. Uploaded changes for meeting minutes for next yesr. Lost access to overseas sites last night for a few hours, part way thru updating ZL2JA Web, (Server is located in the US) not helpfull!
29/09/2010More mods to the GuestBook, mostly to make use of CSS. Removed link to the "(Powered by) HyperSilence" as that URL seems to have changed hands, and has nothing to do with the Guestbook code.
21/09/2010Added "The President's Letter" to the ZL2JA Web Site.
20/09/2010Mods to the GuestBook: E-mails addresses that users leave will now be only be displayed as an image by clicking on the "Email" links in each post on the GuestBook This should make it more Spambot proof.
11/09/2010Added minutes for August 2010, updated and fix faulty link on meeting page.
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