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(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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09/09/2010Updated tbe Links Page
10/08/2010Added link to main page body to high-light the Wanganui Branch History Page.
Meeting Minutes for June 2010 now available
08/08/2010Added new text about Wanganui's National System and an extra NS System photo to the Gallery.
16/07/2010Changed main background colour from grey to a lignt blue (#cddfef)
01/07/2010Added new Photos of Wanganui's National System/antennas to the Gallery and to the Repeaters pages.
07/05/2010Toned down green text on some pages (now #008000), seems I was making them even more green (upto #00ff00 if full on!)
29/04/2010Placed a "copy" from the History page about our Junk Sale history onto the Junk Sale page. Page was a bit bare with just the message that there won't be a sale this year.
21/04/2010Fixed Incorrect page titles and spelling on Membership tables in the History section. Fixed numerous spelling error on page 2 (Unlike the rest of the book, this page was scanned/OCRed from the booklet as that page, for some reason, was missing from the files that Barry suppiled.)
20/04/2010Fixed some minor errors after Barry ZL2RR proof read the Branch 48 History pages.
Placed link on links bar for same.
09/04/2010Uploaded CMS for Meetings Page, and files for Branch 48 History pages
12/03/2010Fixed printing issue. Will now just print the main part of the page, not the menu bar, title bar or footer.
10/03/2010Added myself to the Club directory!
03/03/2010Minutes for Feb 2010 posted. Updated and corrected Club Directory on home page.
28/02/2010Changed layout CSS, content will now load before menu. Quite important if you're on the end of a slow connection! (So they say!)
Added Paging to this page, as it was getting rather long!
17/02/2010Fixed faulty links (How on Earth did they break?) on "old-Pages" archive page. Revamped the HTML. (Which was a mess!)
Fixed a large number of spelling mistakes on this page!
Note to self, run spell checker! Not that it's perfect, doesn't like "ie" offers up "i.e.", you OK that, and then it complains about that! Go figure!
14/02/2010Changed the colours on the main menu bar with mouse roll over, i.e. more eye candy....:)
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