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(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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2012/12/21Undated masthead photgraph. (Taken 2012/12/21)
2012/12/05Added to the NZART/Branch 48 Diamond logo in the masthead, a "back to the Homepage" link.
November Meeting Minutes added.
2012/11/14"President's Report" links added to 2010 and 2011 AGM Minutes.
2012/11/10October and 2011 AGM Minutes added
2012/10/01Updated Club Officials for 2012-2013.
2012/10/01Meeting Minutes for September now available.
2012/08/14Updated the "About ZL2JA" Page.
2012/05/08Added Wunderground.com Weather "Sticker" for Wanganui to main page.
Note that the infomation comes from a weathr station in Rimu Street in Gonville. (It's one street over from my street!)
2012/04/02Added obituary page for Neil ZL2MD.
2012/04/01Added photos to Rod ZL2ACE's obituary pages.
2012/03/31Added obituary links page, and moved Craig, ZL2MD's one there, added obituary for Rod ZL2ACE. Moved and renamed the side bar link to Craig's obituary to point to the obituarys page.
2012/01/07Removed "Mailing List" link from from main menu bar.
2011/11/29Added a "more details" page, for expanded details of news items on main page
2011/11/17Ok, all seems to have fallen into place. ZL2JA.ORG.NZ is now pointing here, and have set ZL2JA.ORG back to redirecting to the .NZ address.
2011/11/16Moved to a new server (QTH.COM [Home of QSL.NET]) Have got ZL2JA.ORG pointing here, but not ZL2JA.ORG.NZ as yet. That might take a day or two.
A few other minor issues still to sort out. All done in a bit of a rush, so some files might have got missed or old versions there of, as I didn't have chance to check for newer files on the old server. Despite doing my best to make sure I always had up-to-date copies of all the files on the server on my home computer...
2011/11/04Updated Repeater trustees and Branch Net MC.
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