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(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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27/08/2006Changed some links as a result of the BBS closing down etc.
21/05/2006Change/Update Club Officials list on Main Page
04/03/2006Junk Sale Notice Page: Updated with this year's details, and changed "Junk Sale" link in side navigator to point to it (Was pointing to the Junk Sale 'photos page.
14/02/2006Repeaters Page, and Wanganui Page : Changed spelling of our region from Whanganui to Wanganui. Seems only the river name is spelt (officially) that way. (in English)
Updated Meeting page.
23/01/2006Added more quotes and jokes to the random quote list.
Added graphic link to PageBreeze to main page. (ZL2JA.ORG pages are maintained using PageBreeze, a FREE program.)
06/01/200612 days of Christmas are up, so graphics returned to "normal"
Happy New Year!
18/12/2005Updated pages as my call-sign is now ZL2WM (was ZL2TWM)
13/12/2005Merry Christmas from the Pussy-cat
28/11/2005The " Server Status " page (linked from the " Repeaters Page ") is not working properly, so have change that link to point to the " Shortcast's" own status page.
Updated the "Update" Page!! Added "before" and "after" logos :-)
20/11/2005The Branch 48/NZART logo has had it's final, final make over. Work is now under-way on the Cat and his/her tower

Old LogoLogo
09/11/2005Updated meeting info. Final version of logo uploaded (for now) Fixed some spelling mistakes, and other minor errors. Moved the meeting info/minute directories around. ie moved the 2004 meetings minutes files into their own dir. And updated (I hope!) all the links.
29/10/2005Updated " National System " Map
19/10/2005Replaced the NZART Logo badge graphic with a sharper and tidier new one. (Basic design is the same though)
13/10/2005Made the word "listen" click-able too. (It was just the speaker graphic before.)
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