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(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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13/12/2005Merry Christmas from the Pussy-cat
28/11/2005The " Server Status " page (linked from the " Repeaters Page ") is not working properly, so have change that link to point to the " Shortcast's" own status page.
Updated the "Update" Page!! Added "before" and "after" logos :-)
20/11/2005The Branch 48/NZART logo has had it's final, final make over. Work is now under-way on the Cat and his/her tower

Old LogoLogo
09/11/2005Updated meeting info. Final version of logo uploaded (for now) Fixed some spelling mistakes, and other minor errors. Moved the meeting info/minute directories around. ie moved the 2004 meetings minutes files into their own dir. And updated (I hope!) all the links.
29/10/2005Updated " National System " Map
19/10/2005Replaced the NZART Logo badge graphic with a sharper and tidier new one. (Basic design is the same though)
13/10/2005Made the word "listen" click-able too. (It was just the speaker graphic before.)
11/10/2005Added "live" 690 repeater audio feed links.
06/10/2005Added Clubroom's "Maidenhead" and Lat. & Long. location info to " Meetings" and " Where We Are " pages.
Updated the club officials list on the main page
01/10/2005New Zealand Web-Ring box. Back on main page.
27/08/2005Added a photograph of a Pohutukawa flower to the Wanganui photo tour page (next to the photo of the Pohutukawa Tree.)
06/08/2005Updated and reworked the " Where we are " page
Updated meeting info, and BBS details (Phone port closed down)
30/07/2005Added link on the Meetings page to MultiMap.com for location of club rooms.
Added June 2005 meeting minutes.
18/06/2005Added automatic Quote/Joke randomiser to main page. Which meant a name change from "main_1.html" to "main.shml" (Removing the "_1" from the name was just some tidying up).
"Fixed" broken (capitals/lower case problem) return to Junk Sale photo page index links.
Removed NZ web ring box from the main page. It was slow loading, didn't fit with the over look of the page, and besides, I haven't seen a single visitor from it in the log files!
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