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(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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18/11/2008The "Wanganui Tour" is now up
16/11/2008The new colour scheme, index, layout goes "Live"
13/11/2008Got the "Message of the Day" to work again, using different code as the old code was incompatible with the indexing code
12/10/2008Started work on re-doing the "back-end" ie, the menu system of the web site. (Chiefly removing the framing method of indexing).
Also redoing the colour scheme, some reformatting, etc, as I go.
15/10/2008Updated repeater trustees (Appointment pending)
08/10/2008Updated Club Officials listings, repeater trustees.
30/08/2008Updated and colourised the National System map on our National System web page.
Fixed forming issue with Meeting Page on some browsers (Again!)
Fixed some silly typos I found on this page.
05/08/2008Fixed forming issue with Meeting Page on some browsers
06/07/2008"Quote/Joke of the day" stopped working! Seems the syntax I was using, after all these years, is no longer valid. Changed to another syntax, all working again.
15/04/2008Changed on-line counter from "Motigo Webstats" to "Statcounter", Becausethe formers use of "pop-ups" and "pop-unders" A shame, as we've been with them a number of years and have a lot of log history...
06/04/2008Updated Junk Sale Notice and Placed link to same from Navigation Side Panel.
06/01/2008Added "NZ Local time" clock to the "Listen page" and a little more other information.
Added Link to the "Listen page" on main "Side Links" bar.
02/01/2008Added ShoutCast Server status to the "Listen page".
12/01/2008Put the Christmas decorations away.
06/01/2008Updated National System Map.
02/01/2008Happy New Year!
Removed/updated links. Fixed some errors. etc.
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