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(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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04/12/2008Photo Gallery has had a make over and now with "thumbnails"
Also added a few more pictures.
Later next day fixed a few minor problems related to these updates.
28/11/2008Changed to a new Quotes file for the "Quote/Message" of the day.
Replaced 2005 Junk sale photos with slightly higher resolution versions.
Added a few extra photos to "Tour" and "Misc" galleries
25/11/2008Added more photos, "Wanganui Tour" link is now "Photo Gallery" (The Wanganui Tour is linked thru via Gallery )
24/11/2008Last of meeting minutes have gone up. Some of these pages may have broken links to other pages on ZL2JA.org.nz, as some pages have been moved or even removed.
Fixed up some errors made when redoing index menus
22/11/2008Realised that ALL the pages had the same title! Now fixed.
Now using JavaScript "pop-ups" for enlarging images rather than open in new window/tab
18/11/2008The "Wanganui Tour" is now up
16/11/2008The new colour scheme, index, layout goes "Live"
13/11/2008Got the "Message of the Day" to work again, using different code as the old code was incompatible with the indexing code
12/10/2008Started work on re-doing the "back-end" ie, the menu system of the web site. (Chiefly removing the framing method of indexing).
Also redoing the colour scheme, some reformatting, etc, as I go.
15/10/2008Updated repeater trustees (Appointment pending)
08/10/2008Updated Club Officials listings, repeater trustees.
30/08/2008Updated and colourised the National System map on our National System web page.
Fixed forming issue with Meeting Page on some browsers (Again!)
Fixed some silly typos I found on this page.
05/08/2008Fixed forming issue with Meeting Page on some browsers
06/07/2008"Quote/Joke of the day" stopped working! Seems the syntax I was using, after all these years, is no longer valid. Changed to another syntax, all working again.
15/04/2008Changed on-line counter from "Motigo Webstats" to "Statcounter", Becausethe formers use of "pop-ups" and "pop-unders" A shame, as we've been with them a number of years and have a lot of log history...
06/04/2008Updated Junk Sale Notice and Placed link to same from Navigation Side Panel.
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