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(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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20/04/2005Ok, lots of stuff. Fix a few spelling mistakes. W3C Compliance stuff.
Facelift for the Awards Page , this page,
Pages now tested with Opera too.
Now using " PageBreeze HTML " Editor
19/04/2005Found that most of the ZL2JA/NZART logo links to the front page had the wrong target frame set, which resulted in two left hand navibars being displayed. (if there was one to start with when clicking the logo) A side affect of the link reworking done back on 10/04/2005. (see below) All fixed now, I hope.
17/04/2005AM: Highlighted the Junk Sale notice more on the home page.
Expanded the " About ZL2JA.ORG.NZ " page with a little more info.
Added the " Repeaters Page " More info and pictures to come.
PM: Found that at 600x800 display sizes that the left navi bar did not have a scroll bar, thus visitors would not be able to click thru to some pages. :-( .....Fixed!
ZL2JA.ORG.NZ checked at 600x800 pixels on Firefox , NS, & IE.
Looks ok for now, but is easily broken!
Evening: Gosh I am busy today! Fixed some broken links and graphics. Updated links page.
10/04/2005Re-did all (I hope!) the " Back to the ZL2JA Homepage" links at the foot of each page to point back to "index.html" rather than "main_1.html"
The logs show a fair bit of traffic coming via search engines, and the likes, linking directly to pages within ZL2JA's site. These pages would be minus the left hand side links menu, even after clicking on the "home" link.
Now, if, or when, a visitor clicks "home", the full front page plus the links menu will load.
06/04/2005Sale location Map link added to Junk Sale page.
02/04/2005March 2005 minutes added.
26/03/2005Reworded the " About ZL2JA " page, removed dead Voyager NZ link (They're don't seem to be trading as an ISP any-more) Updated link to archived QSL.NET pages
Changed most external links to "open in new window"
18/03/2005Some minor rewording of some pages.
Fixed wrong month for Junk Sale on front page! opps!
Updated Junk Sale , sale info page.
Working on some new pages.
27/02/2005February 2005 minutes added.
21/01/2005December 2004 minutes added.
12/01/2005Updated Photo Tour " Panorama1 " Image. Photo (well photos) was taken yesterday from the top of the Durie Hill Lift (Elevator) Lookout Tower
09/01/2005Happy New Year!
Cat back in normal mode
20/12/2004Next Meeting info-
-Replaced " Panaroma2 " picture (View from Roberts Ave hill), same source photos, but not quite so dark and better stitched together .
- Cat now in Christmas mode !
27/11/2004Added November's meeting minutes.
25/11/2004Added President's Letter
11/11/2004Took down the files at the old QSL.NET Server, Leaving just the redirect to zl2ja.org.nz.
I have archive the old QSL net files to: http://www.zl2ja.org/archive/qsl_net/index.html
The main reason to pull the QSL Net files, was that most of the search engines were still listing www.qsl.net/zl2ja ahead of www.zl2ja.org.nz
Added link to QSL.NET home page to links page.
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