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02/04/2005March 2005 minutes added.
26/03/2005Reworded the " About ZL2JA " page, removed dead Voyager NZ link (They're don't seem to be trading as an ISP any-more) Updated link to archived QSL.NET pages
Changed most external links to "open in new window"
18/03/2005Some minor rewording of some pages.
Fixed wrong month for Junk Sale on front page! opps!
Updated Junk Sale , sale info page.
Working on some new pages.
27/02/2005February 2005 minutes added.
21/01/2005December 2004 minutes added.
12/01/2005Updated Photo Tour " Panorama1 " Image. Photo (well photos) was taken yesterday from the top of the Durie Hill Lift (Elevator) Lookout Tower
09/01/2005Happy New Year!
Cat back in normal mode
20/12/2004Next Meeting info-
-Replaced " Panaroma2 " picture (View from Roberts Ave hill), same source photos, but not quite so dark and better stitched together .
- Cat now in Christmas mode !
27/11/2004Added November's meeting minutes.
25/11/2004Added President's Letter
11/11/2004Took down the files at the old QSL.NET Server, Leaving just the redirect to zl2ja.org.nz.
I have archive the old QSL net files to: http://www.zl2ja.org/archive/qsl_net/index.html
The main reason to pull the QSL Net files, was that most of the search engines were still listing www.qsl.net/zl2ja ahead of www.zl2ja.org.nz
Added link to QSL.NET home page to links page.
08/11/2004Added "Joke of the Month" to front page . Hope to update this at least once a month! If you have a (Clean that is.) joke we can have, please send it in!
30/10/2004Fixed minor-ish problem with Guest-book (Graphics not loading)
29/10/2004Added "next meeting date" (and a link to details) to main page . Moved link for Craig Mills tribute from main page to side links bar.
So minor "tidying up" of main page
24/10/2004Added ">Nedstat" visitor tracker "back" to site. (Used to be on the QSL.NET site, but didn't carry it over to here until now.)
23/10/2004Uploaded October's meeting minutes: Updated Links page. (added links removed dead ones, more tidying up etc....)
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