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(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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20/12/2009Updated NZART Official Broadcast times on "Listen to Live Ham Radio" Page. Fixed some spelling mistakes
13/12/2009Hung up the Christmas stocking.
Fixed NZ Local day/date on "listen" Page, as the difference between NZ local time and server's local time changes 4 times a year;

1; When we go onto daylight saving time,
2; When the server comes off daylight saving time,
3; When we come off daylight saving time,
4; When the server goes onto daylight saving time.
30/11/2009Updated NZART Official Broadcast times on "Listen to Live Ham Radio" Page.
20/11/2009Updated "National System" Repeater network maps on the "Repeaters Page".
18/11/2009Updated Repeater trustees on "Repeaters Page", next meeting info, posted November 2009 meeting minutes.
06/09/2009Updated Club Officials on main page, repeater trustees on repeater page, next meeting info.
05/09/2009Uploaded the files needed for indexing of the 2010 Club Meeting Minutes.
30/09/2009Update the Newsletter Photo, it was over 10 years old!
28/09/2009Guest Book: Changed the font used in the "CAPTCHA" image, expanded same to use numbers and upper case characters. Added a "reload" button.
07/07/2009Tidied up and added more 'tune-in' options to the 'Listen to Amateur Radio' page.
Some work on the CMS
28/06/2009Updated meeting info. Added auto dating (of when last modified) of pages to footer.
01/06/2009Updated date for next Official Broadcast on the "Listen to Amateur Radio" page.
24/05/2009Removed link to "50th Junk Sale Award" from main navigation bar, and added same to "Old Pages" Page. Tidied up the HTML a bit too.
10/05/2009Transferred some earlier entries from the old Guest-book DB into the new Guest-book.
More to be copied over later, work in progress!
17/05/2009Added a pop-up player to the Listen page.
Updated date for next Official NZART Broadcast.
23/04/2009Add ad to main page for the 50th Junk Sale.
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