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(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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06/02/2010Added and replaced some photos in the "Wanganui Tour" part of the Gallery
(New files names start with "HPIM")
05/02/2010Changed colour scheme on the photo galley to match the rest of the site.
Added link to open Gallery fully in a window on it's own, (The Photo Gallery is on a different server from the main site.) and a link back to the main site, from the Gallery.
02/02/2010Changed colour scheme. More recoding of the HTML/CSS. Updated meeting info.
31/01/2010Junk Sale Page updated. (No sale this year)
29/01/2010Fixed formatting issue with some 2009 meeting minutes when viewed with IE
24/01/2010Tiding up some more HTML/CSS, and working on the CMS. Re-uploaded images that got deleted by accident! "Meeting Minutes" are now in a restricted area. (Need user/pass)
07/01/2010Added year 2010 option and year numbers to months on the "Meeting Minutes" navigation menu system.
06/01/2010Back to "normal" logo.
31/12/2009Removed "Multi-map" link from meetings page, and replaced it with a link to a new ZL2JA Clubroom page with a photo and a Google-Maps "I-frame" of our location.
Change link to Winamp.com on "Listen" page.
20/12/2009Updated NZART Official Broadcast times on "Listen to Live Ham Radio" Page. Fixed some spelling mistakes
13/12/2009Hung up the Christmas stocking.
Fixed NZ Local day/date on "listen" Page, as the difference between NZ local time and server's local time changes 4 times a year;

1; When we go onto daylight saving time,
2; When the server comes off daylight saving time,
3; When we come off daylight saving time,
4; When the server goes onto daylight saving time.
30/11/2009Updated NZART Official Broadcast times on "Listen to Live Ham Radio" Page.
20/11/2009Updated "National System" Repeater network maps on the "Repeaters Page".
18/11/2009Updated Repeater trustees on "Repeaters Page", next meeting info, posted November 2009 meeting minutes.
06/09/2009Updated Club Officials on main page, repeater trustees on repeater page, next meeting info.
05/09/2009Uploaded the files needed for indexing of the 2010 Club Meeting Minutes.
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