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(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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10/03/2010Added myself to the Club directory!
03/03/2010Minutes for Feb 2010 posted. Updated and corrected Club Directory on home page.
28/02/2010Changed layout CSS, content will now load before menu. Quite important if you're on the end of a slow connection! (So they say!)
Added Paging to this page, as it was getting rather long!
17/02/2010Fixed faulty links (How on Earth did they break?) on "old-Pages" archive page. Revamped the HTML. (Which was a mess!)
Fixed a large number of spelling mistakes on this page!
Note to self, run spell checker! Not that it's perfect, doesn't like "ie" offers up "i.e.", you OK that, and then it complains about that! Go figure!
14/02/2010Changed the colours on the main menu bar with mouse roll over, i.e. more eye candy....:)
10/02/2010Rescanned (etc) the 1998 Junk Sale photos and uploaded to Gallery.
08/02/2010Reprocessed (from the original files [files starting with "DCP"]), most of the rest of the "Wanganui Tour" photos, i.e. cropped, straightened, fixed grey/colour levels etc... and placed on the server at much higher resolution than before.
Like wise with the original scans of the working bee to set up 690
Expanded the footer copyright notice.
Added a March 2009 copy of the web site to the on-line archive page.
06/02/2010Added and replaced some photos in the "Wanganui Tour" part of the Gallery
(New files names start with "HPIM")
05/02/2010Changed colour scheme on the photo galley to match the rest of the site.
Added link to open Gallery fully in a window on it's own, (The Photo Gallery is on a different server from the main site.) and a link back to the main site, from the Gallery.
02/02/2010Changed colour scheme. More recoding of the HTML/CSS. Updated meeting info.
31/01/2010Junk Sale Page updated. (No sale this year)
29/01/2010Fixed formatting issue with some 2009 meeting minutes when viewed with IE
24/01/2010Tiding up some more HTML/CSS, and working on the CMS. Re-uploaded images that got deleted by accident! "Meeting Minutes" are now in a restricted area. (Need user/pass)
07/01/2010Added year 2010 option and year numbers to months on the "Meeting Minutes" navigation menu system.
06/01/2010Back to "normal" logo.
31/12/2009Removed "Multi-map" link from meetings page, and replaced it with a link to a new ZL2JA Clubroom page with a photo and a Google-Maps "I-frame" of our location.
Change link to Winamp.com on "Listen" page.
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