Wanganui Branch History

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The month of March saw the installation of a 70cm repeater installed on Durie Hill for test purposes by Steven ZL2TUV, courtesy of the Wellington VHF Group. The testing concluded in April and the Working Committee then proceeded to work on a proposal and costings to present to members.

Vice President John ZL2NAX took over as Acting President following the resignation of the President in April. Mr Ted Hounsell, ZL2UTA became a Silent key during the month of June.

October’s AGM approved the abolition of the July meetings and accepted the National System Working Party’s recommendations enabling the project to begin with an application for a grant of four thousand two hundred dollars to be made to the Power Co Trust. Members approved a maximum of Three Thousand Dollars of Branch Funds may be used for this project.

November 8 marked Mr Rod Greene’s (ZL2ACE) Fifty Years as a Ham..

January brought notification that FMTAG had included the Wanganui Nat System extension in its interim recommendations to NZART Council.

Rod ZL2ACE celebrated his 70th birthday on the 15th February and generously celebrated by donating two 550Ahr capacity batteries to be used as back-up for the proposed National System extension.

July’s Cat Whisker reported that our application to install a link into the Nat System passed through the required processes but the approved link was a complete surprise; into Egmont, not Wharite!

September saw Mr Patrick Ryan ZL2WPR join the rank of Silent keys and NZART appointed Mike ZL1BNB their Local Government Liaison Officer in November.

May 15 saw the passing of Mr Eddie McPake ZL2AAI. September saw new member Mr Joe Reed ZL2AH welcomed to the Branch and Life Member Mr Craig Mills, ONZM, ZL2MD pass away on the 30th.

Newly licenced Mr Jorge Swan, ZL2JL joined up with the Branch in November and work was carried out on the corner of the Wanganui Car Club where our National System Repeater Link is to be installed as well as installing the pole for the antennas.

The month of February saw recently licensed Mr Mathew Mawston, ZL2MAT, welcomed to the Branch membership.

Members elevated Mr Leo Boyle ZL2BGE to Honorary Life Membership status during the October AGM.

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