ZL2JA Branch Callsign Here kitty, kitty! The Tail 

Zulu Lima Two, Juliet Alpha

"ZL2JA" is the club's callsign.

"ZL" is the pre-fix for New Zealand.

The "2" is for the "Central District" (Lower North Island, top of
the South Island. There are 4 districts for the main part of NZ)

The "JA" is the "personal" part of the callsign, there can
be 2 or 3 letters in this part of the call.
Some special calls have one letter, eg NZART's "ZL6A"

     These Web pages are maintained by Colin, ZL2WM for the Wanganui Amateur Radio Society, Incorporated, Branch 48 of NZART.

The content in these web pages does not necessarily reflect any official point of view.

I started this project around May 1996 when I was president of the Wanganui Amateur Radio Society, using free web space I had from my Internet Service Provider at the time, "Voyager New Zealand Ltd".

The pages later moved to ClearNet's (now part of Vodafone NZ) personal home page server, when I changed ISPs.

In August 1998 we moved to QSL.Net, a free webpage server dedicated to Amateur Radio run by Al Waller, K3TKJ. An excellent resource of amateur radio related web pages

In July 2004 we moved to our very own URL of www.zl2ja.org.nz hosted on ProNet's servers in Dallas USA. After a very kind offer from Club member Neil Whittington, ZL2MD, (SK) director of Peak Technoglogy which owns ProNet.

The URL www.qsl.net/zl2ja/ is still valid and redirects to our server at www.zl2ja.org.nz

ZL2JA's old QSL.NET site has been archived & can be found here.

In November 2011 we moved to the servers of QTH.COM in Lansing, Michigan, USA, run by Scott KA9FOX, who now also hosts QSL.NET.

It's also interesting to note that our domain registrar for ZL2JA.ORG.NZ, Affordable Domains, is now owned by Voyager Internet Services, talk about going almost full circle!

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