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(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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2013/10/28Yet more refinements to the meeting-minutes search engine.
It is now no long case sensitive, impoved the error handling, Limited the number of "hits" returned/with message telling user to "be a bit more specific".
2013/10/26More refinements to meeting-minutes search engine.
Changed to the way the search and found strings are stored and past to/from paging.
Results now return ALL hits rather than just the first one per meeting-minutes page.
2013/10/25Removed link to "Sunfrog Printing, Inc." on the "Form Submitted" Page, website is no long operating.
Updated meeting-minutes search engine.
2013/10/15Added a few refinements to the Meeting Minutes search engine, inc. paging, navigation and the listing of newest first.
Added Meeting minutes for September 2013
2013/10/11Added Search Box to Meeting Minutes Pages.
2013/10/07Updated "Officials" list on main page for 2013-2014 (AGM)
2013/10/05"MEETING TONIGHT!" c/w link to the meeting page, will now display on main page on the day of the Monthly meetings
2013/09/28Added Photo and QSL card to Brain ZL2AFW Silent Key Page.
2013/09/23Inserted mssing text in the Wanganui Branch History (Page 15
" ...ZL2SY) on their passing the Amateur & Electrical examinations and Mr A R. (Roger) Claridge ZL2CL/ZL2GV (later ZL1RH) was welcomed to the Branch.
September saw the resignation of President Eric Holst who was now ensconced in Dunedin as ZL4DE. (Eric worked in the Engineers’... "
2013/09/09Meetings Page; Added note (in the code) that the October meeting is followed by the Annual General Meeting. (Meeting dates, and notes, are automacticly gerated by the server)
Listen Page; Changed code so that the September OB times are listed in NZDT & UTC. (NZDT time starts the same day as the Sept OB is on. Code displays OB times in NZST & UTC up to that date, which in effect makes the UTC times wrong.)
2013/09/04The Photo Gallery has under gone a major upgrade with new software. Users can now post comments, search, submit photos to the Gallery, better thumb nail navigation, and more.
Fixed link to new Gallery, opps!
Added Attribution note to Silent Key page.
Fixed spelling mistake to ZL2AFW's SK URL. (Had "Brain")
2013/09/03Added obituary page for Brian Jones, ZL2AFW
2013/08/08Made the Minutes page's menus a little more user friendly. The active links (the page you're on) are now black.
Changed the September folders (directories) from "sept" to "sep", ie to 3 characters to match other month folders (Makes the coding simpler)
2013/07/18Tidied up paging code for Club History page.
2013/07/10Highlighted the Wanganui Award on Home Page.
2013/07/09Found that the History Pages would no longer validate! Grrr!
Dozens of errors! WTF? It validated when written!
Ah!, maybe something to do with the "declared encoding" change back in May?
So I used the "Character Encoding Override" function on the validator and re-tested, errors ballooned out to hundreds of errors! Double WTF?!
Opened the page in the CMS editor, (the same one that it was written on) and re-saved.
Retested, all errors gone! Yet I did nothing but save!
Triple WTF!!!
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