Old Versions of Our Web Site

These are old versions of our Web Pages;
(Please note; Some links and/or graphics within these pages may no longer work)

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The Pages from October 2013

The Pages from late November 2012 with Xmas Diamond Logo

The Pages from November 2010 The light and dark Blue Scheme.

The Pages from March 2009 The Grey Scheme.

50th Junk Sale Award Page April 2009

The Pages from 2008 The Yellow, Brown and Green scheme, and last use of frames for navigation.

The Pages from August 2004 Early zl2ja.org.nz Page.

The Last "QSL Net" Page prior to moving to zl2ja.org.nz in July 2004.

The Pages from April 2001

The Pages from November 2000

The Pages from August 1998

The Page from November 1997.

The page from February 1997.

The Page from December 1996. Our first page on the Net.

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