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(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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2013/07/18Tidied up paging code for Club History page.
2013/07/10Highlighted the Wanganui Award on Home Page.
2013/07/09Found that the History Pages would no longer validate! Grrr!
Dozens of errors! WTF? It validated when written!
Ah!, maybe something to do with the "declared encoding" change back in May?
So I used the "Character Encoding Override" function on the validator and re-tested, errors ballooned out to hundreds of errors! Double WTF?!
Opened the page in the CMS editor, (the same one that it was written on) and re-saved.
Retested, all errors gone! Yet I did nothing but save!
Triple WTF!!!
2013/07/07Fixed spelling error in text in Wanganui Award caption text.
2013/07/05Updated the Award Custodian (Now Ivan ZL2ATU was Tony ZL2ALO [sk] ) and added missing Committee member (ZL2BNB) to officals list on front page.
2013/05/20Swiched the "declared encoding" from "ISO-8859-1" to "utf-8"
2013/05/07Gallery colours changed to match main site.
2013/05/05Upgraded Photo Gallery PHP s/w from SFPG 4.0.0 to SFPG 4.1.1
Left the default colours as is for now. (Did match main web pages.)
2013/05/04Added Junk Sale 2013 photos to the Gallery.
Uploaded new webpage background.
2013/04/22Added Countdown clock (ClockLink.com) to front page for Junk Sale.
2013/02/24Replaced the database of the jokes/quote of the day with all new Jokes and quotes.
2013/02/21Added back the "Following Meeting date" i.e., the meeting after the next, to the Meetings page. Was removed untill I worked out how to auto update it too, like the "Next meeting" notice. Which is now done.
2013/02/20The clock on the "Listen" page has been changed from a Javescript one to a HTML5 one.
2013/02/11It's Back! Updated details of the next Wanganui Junk Sale.
Removed the "EchoLink Node" link from the side links-bar. The service/webpage seems to have been shutdown.
2013/02/03Fixed the rather annoying problem of having to change the time offset between NZ/US time 4 times a year (When NZ goes to/from daylight saving time, and likewise for the US based server's local time) for the NZ date on the "Listen" page.
Also fixed the page "Last Modified" dates, as these are generated from the server's clock too which is the best part of a day behind NZ time (18 hours +/- daylight saving)
Thanks to "date_default_timezone_set ('Pacific/Auckland')"
"Next Meeting" dates set up to automatically change to the next meeting's date after each meeting. I sometimes forgot change them. "Database" set up to March 2014.
Likewise with the date for the "Official Broadcast" on the "Listen" page.
So I only have to update then once in a while.
2013/01/28Updated "National System" Maps
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