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(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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12/04/2009New Guest Book Installed
09/04/2009Added Meeting Minutes for April..
Over the last few weeks having been working on the web page code by making more use of CSS. This makes each page much smaller (read: quicker to load)
Now mostly needs stripping redundant HTML code from each page in turn. (This page's size dropped by nearly half !)
Guest book has broken, don't know why as yet. Looking in to a move spam proof one anyway.
29/03/2009Added details of the "50th Junk Sale Award" on 27th.
Expanded with more details on 29th.
17/03/2009Reworked the "Contacts" page, added an on line form.
13/03/2009Added meeting minutes for March 2009
Reworked the HTML/CSS code for the left menu bar. That cut it's sizefrom 8k to 3k.
11/03/2009Changed (I hope) all the links to NZART web pages, to reflect the new directory structure on the NZART web server.
10/03/2009Added a new panorama and more Wanganui photos
Moved the graphics at the foot the main page onto the footer proper. (They will appear on all pages now)
28/02/2009Updated "Branch Officials" list on main page. Updated repeater trustees on "Repeaters" page.
Added Field Day 2009 Photos to the Gallery
23/02/2009Updated "Listen" Page.
15/02/2009Added NZART graphic link to bottom of main page. Moved the link to StatCounter from links bar to bottom of main page.
Removed the "Welcome to the new look web site" from main page.
Updated Junk Sale page.
03/02/2009Added "year/mouth" "navigation-bar" to bottom of meeting minutes pages.
20/01/2009Moved Archived pages from "(www).zl2ja.org/archive/" to "archive.zl2ja.org" (Menu for same is still on main server)
07/01/2009Updated/deleted links on links page. Fixed errors in HTML, page now passes the W3C Mark-up Validation Service.
24/12/2008Change the counter to one that works on my test-bed server.
Some other minor changes to colours, added underline on mouse-over on links etc.
22/12/2008Added "mouse over" colour change on links. Also cell background colour change on mouse over on left menu bar.
Fixed a few broken links that I found caused by the revamp of the site. Fixed/removed all(?) the broken links on this page from the same cause!
Fixed error on 1948 Junk Sale photo, had 1949....oops.
14/12/2008Have added a few more photos to the Gallery.
Still more to (find) come...
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