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2011/11/29Added a "more details" page, for expanded details of news items on main page
2011/11/17Ok, all seems to have fallen into place. ZL2JA.ORG.NZ is now pointing here, and have set ZL2JA.ORG back to redirecting to the .NZ address.
2011/11/16Moved to a new server (QTH.COM [Home of QSL.NET]) Have got ZL2JA.ORG pointing here, but not ZL2JA.ORG.NZ as yet. That might take a day or two.
A few other minor issues still to sort out. All done in a bit of a rush, so some files might have got missed or old versions there of, as I didn't have chance to check for newer files on the old server. Despite doing my best to make sure I always had up-to-date copies of all the files on the server on my home computer...
2011/11/04Updated Repeater trustees and Branch Net MC.
2011/11/02Re-fixed "Server Status" code on the "Listen" page, seems to be a "look-up" problem. Working more or less as it should now.
2011/10/03Updated the "Branch Officals" for the year 2011-2012
2011/09/26Visitor counter on main page stopped working! I hadn't touched the web site for a few days. After a bit of poking around got an error message out of the system.. "System misconfiguration"  Not a lot of help. Found that none of the PHP files, inc. ones with just a *.PHP extentions in the Counter folder would run/access over the net, just spitting out this same error message. Deleted the ".htaccess" file and then all was working again. Reset the access right (ie a fresh ".htaccess" file don't list dir on web) and all seems to be ok now...
21/08/2011Updated CMS.
Link to the "Photo Gallery" now opens up to the whole page rather than as a window in the ZL2JA menu/links stuff.
Fix non-working "refresh" link on the "Listen" page. Seems the CMS didn't like the simple link back to the same page. Using "javascript:history.go(0)" method instead.
27/05/2011Fixed "Server Status" code on the "Listen" page. For some reason, the main server ("zl2ja.org.nz" in the USA) can't "see" "shoutcast.zl2ja.org.nz" here in NZ... on any port (getting a "connection refused"), yet can "see" other servers. So using a third server as a work around.
Fixed link to NZART on Links Page.
23/05/2011Added Google Maps view to the repeaters page of Wanganui 690's Location.
18/05/2011Updated and re-jigged the contacts page so individual members can be e-mail from it, and without revealing e-mail addresses to the sender or to spam robots, and the like.
Added preformed e-mail links on the main page's "Club Officials" box, (and some other pages) that take you to the contacts page.
30/04/2011Added photo link to "listen" page of the Radio and Computer equiptment.
Also, added the that photo and 3 more around Wanganui photos to the Photo Gallery.
25/04/2011Upgraded the hardware that runs the Shoutcast, Archive and FTP servers.
Minor changes to "404 page not found" error page. Added link to Archives. Match colours to main site.
19/04/2011Meeting Minutes for February 2011 and March 2011 now posted.
10/04/2011Updated the National System Maps on the Repeaters Page.
07/04/2011Fixed error on the History Page (36). (Had "75cm" insted of "70cm". The word "repeater" was mssing. 
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