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(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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2011/11/02Re-fixed "Server Status" code on the "Listen" page, seems to be a "look-up" problem. Working more or less as it should now.
2011/10/03Updated the "Branch Officals" for the year 2011-2012
2011/09/26Visitor counter on main page stopped working! I hadn't touched the web site for a few days. After a bit of poking around got an error message out of the system.. "System misconfiguration"  Not a lot of help. Found that none of the PHP files, inc. ones with just a *.PHP extentions in the Counter folder would run/access over the net, just spitting out this same error message. Deleted the ".htaccess" file and then all was working again. Reset the access right (ie a fresh ".htaccess" file don't list dir on web) and all seems to be ok now...
21/08/2011Updated CMS.
Link to the "Photo Gallery" now opens up to the whole page rather than as a window in the ZL2JA menu/links stuff.
Fix non-working "refresh" link on the "Listen" page. Seems the CMS didn't like the simple link back to the same page. Using "javascript:history.go(0)" method instead.
27/05/2011Fixed "Server Status" code on the "Listen" page. For some reason, the main server ("zl2ja.org.nz" in the USA) can't "see" "shoutcast.zl2ja.org.nz" here in NZ... on any port (getting a "connection refused"), yet can "see" other servers. So using a third server as a work around.
Fixed link to NZART on Links Page.
23/05/2011Added Google Maps view to the repeaters page of Wanganui 690's Location.
18/05/2011Updated and re-jigged the contacts page so individual members can be e-mail from it, and without revealing e-mail addresses to the sender or to spam robots, and the like.
Added preformed e-mail links on the main page's "Club Officials" box, (and some other pages) that take you to the contacts page.
30/04/2011Added photo link to "listen" page of the Radio and Computer equiptment.
Also, added the that photo and 3 more around Wanganui photos to the Photo Gallery.
25/04/2011Upgraded the hardware that runs the Shoutcast, Archive and FTP servers.
Minor changes to "404 page not found" error page. Added link to Archives. Match colours to main site.
19/04/2011Meeting Minutes for February 2011 and March 2011 now posted.
10/04/2011Updated the National System Maps on the Repeaters Page.
07/04/2011Fixed error on the History Page (36). (Had "75cm" insted of "70cm". The word "repeater" was mssing. 
10/02/2011The "Web Ring" Link-box on the Main page has been removed because it often Hi-Jacks the Browser and takes you straight to the Webring site. The "back" button won't even get you back to ZL2JA.
03/01/2011Happy New Year.
Added details/links etc. for the "National System Award 2011" Updated copyright notice date.
Added sample 2010 (November) pages to the on-line archive "Old-Pages" section.
30/12/2010Reworked the "Listen" Page. New and better "server on/off line" status code. Old code would say the server was up (the DNAS) even though the transcoder was down.
"The SHOUTcast Distributed Network Audio Server (DNAS) is responsible for the actual streaming and broadcasting of your audio content out to the world."
"The SHOUTcast transcoder is the tool broadcasters and DJs use to source and manage their SHOUTcast stations."
24/12/2010Old "Lastest News" listings page added...
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