ZL2JA Web Revision and Update Page

(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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22/09/2004Fix some minor formatting bugs. 'Cos they were bugging me!
Looked fine in Netscape and Firefox, and in MS Frontpage, but not in IE!, go figged!
Links Page : Added C4 (aka TV4) link, Removed another dead link (Spectrum)
13/09/2004Reworked the " Links & Web-Rings " page (Added links, removed dead ones, change it to the new colour scheme, etc. Still needs more work in it though)
Cleaned up the " Where We Are " page a little.
Put NZ Web Ring Box onto "front page"
08/09/2004Next meeting info. Update call-sign on weekly " Branch Net " page (was ZL2TMA)
05/09/2004Changed wording on front page "Re-framing" link.
Added Keywords to main frame. (For indexing by Search engines)
Fixed incorrect title on "error" page. (An error on an error page?!)
19/08/2004Minor changes to some internal links, added link to old QSL.NET pages
Disabled old Guest book at QSL.NET
18/08/2004Added Link to ZL2VBC " Echonode " Web page - added"revision" page
16/08/2004Meeting Minutes added to Meeting page :
Added "Favicon" (Address bar) Icon
04/08/2004Installed new Guest-book
03/08/2004Set up club Mailing List
01/08/2004Added " A Tribute to Craig Mills, ONZM, ZL2MD "
29/07/2004New Wanganui Photo Tour
28/07/2004Moved to ZL2JA.ORG.NZ server with revamped colourscheme, layout etc.
24/07/2004"Moved" to ZL2JA.ORG.NZ (Pages still hosted at QSL.NET)
20/07/2004Last update of the old web site at QSL.NET
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