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(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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11/10/2004Updated club officials on main page. (From AGM held on Oct 4)
03/10/2004Added link to the Manawatu ARS - Branch 20 NZART .
01/10/2004Added link to ZL2JA BBS Telnet and FTP Proxy servers, on ZL2JA BBS page.
25/09/2004Added September's monthly meeting minutes.
Added link to ZL2JA mailing list . (Somehow forgot to put that one up when I set-up the mailing list!)
24/09/2004More re(dis?)organizing the web site files, i.e. putting all the graphic files into their own directory. And having to redo all the links as result for the other pages
Did some other minor tidying up the file structure.
Removed obsolete files. Change the colour of a graphic bottom.
Web page formatting wasn't looking too hot at 800x600 screen res. Managed to more or less fix this.
23/09/2004More work done on Links page
22/09/2004Fix some minor formatting bugs. 'Cos they were bugging me!
Looked fine in Netscape and Firefox, and in MS Frontpage, but not in IE!, go figged!
Links Page : Added C4 (aka TV4) link, Removed another dead link (Spectrum)
13/09/2004Reworked the " Links & Web-Rings " page (Added links, removed dead ones, change it to the new colour scheme, etc. Still needs more work in it though)
Cleaned up the " Where We Are " page a little.
Put NZ Web Ring Box onto "front page"
08/09/2004Next meeting info. Update call-sign on weekly " Branch Net " page (was ZL2TMA)
05/09/2004Changed wording on front page "Re-framing" link.
Added Keywords to main frame. (For indexing by Search engines)
Fixed incorrect title on "error" page. (An error on an error page?!)
19/08/2004Minor changes to some internal links, added link to old QSL.NET pages
Disabled old Guest book at QSL.NET
18/08/2004Added Link to ZL2VBC " Echonode " Web page - added"revision" page
16/08/2004Meeting Minutes added to Meeting page :
Added "Favicon" (Address bar) Icon
04/08/2004Installed new Guest-book
03/08/2004set up club Mailing List
01/08/2004Added " A Tribute to Craig Mills, ONZM, ZL2MD "
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