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7 May 2021

60m Sub Licence

From Mark ZL2UFI, NZART President

NZART is pleased to announce that negotiations with RSM have been successful in obtaining a licence to allow operation for all New Zealand amateur operators to use in the 60 m (5 MHz) band using the WRC-15 allocation.
Thanks again Bob Vernall ZL2CA for all your work in this area.

Maximum allowable power is 15 W EIRP (effective isotropic radiated power).

Amateurs are secondary users in this band. These frequencies are, or may be, allocated for use by other services. Amateur operators must accept interference from, and must not cause interference to, such other services.

As with the old 60m trial, all those who wish to operate on the band must complete and sign the new sub licence which sets out the terms of operation before you can operate. For a full list of FAQ's please click here

Due to the new licence, NZART cannot grandfather those under the old sub-licence and ALL users of this band must complete the new sub-licence application.
Once completed, please scan and email to NZART HQ Once acknowledged by return email, you can begin operation.

Also attached are the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) which you are strongly encouraged to read to ensure you stay within the terms of your sub-licence.

The NZART licence (and your sub-licence) are for a twelve month period to allow RSM to assess if there are any interference issues.
If not, then NZART will negotiate with RSM to having the 60 m (5 MHz) band allocation added to the GURL (General User Radio Licence). If this negotiation is successful then the need for the sub-licence will not be required in the future.
NZART President

NB - Please make sure your application is clear and legible, and is returned electronically in a pdf file format. Please DO NOT take a photo of it sitting on your desk, this is too hard to read.

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