ZL2JA Web Revision and Update Page

(Updates for meetings dates not normally shown)

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2019/01/31Updated the Club Officials for 2018-2019 ("Home Page) bit late with this update, time goes too quick!
2019/01/01Updated and fixed the links to Google Maps ("Where We Are") showing club rooms location.
2017/12/09Added Link to ZL2JA on Facebook onto footer. Removed Link to the BBClone web tracker.
2016/10/08Updated Officals list on front page
2015/08/08Updated Officals list on front page, repeater trustees on the Repeaters page.
2015/03/05Fix minor issue in countdown clock on Junk Sale page, was out by an hour while NZ was in Daylight Saving mode.
2015/03/02Updated the Junk Sale Page, with details of the May '15 sale.
2015/02/24Updated the Wanganui Award Page
2015/02/06Replaced the Masthead photo with a better cropped version. "Moved" crop over, so that the logo doesn't cover the river.
2015/01/25Undated and changed the masthead photo.
2014/12/30Changed the CSS to make the main background images contiguous across all the page tables.
Added some files for next year's meeting minutes page.
2014/12/29Fixed invalid HTML in main front page (Code for Wanganui weather- "&" replaced with "&")
Some anti-spam stuff done too...
2014/12/26Updated the Newletter page.
2014/12/16Changed "Newletter Editor" on "Officials" list on main page. I have (ZL2WM) taken over this roll.
2014/10/26Added "Month Previous/Next" links to navigation bar on "Meeting Minutes" pages. It will also jump from December to Feburary of the following year (e.g. Dec 2010 > Feb 2011)
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