Wanganui Branch History

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NZART Conference ‘87!

1984-87: Approval of the sale of the old ‘boat anchor’ generator to Dennis ZL2AXB was given at the February ’84 meeting.

Members were informed that their Conference delegates (ZL2TJW and ZL2AUS) had extended an invitation to NZART to hold its 1987 AGM in Wanganui. Luckily, this was endorsed by members of Branch 48!

Bill Kibblewhite, ZL2UE, was congratulated on his 50 years an amateur (certificate No 351 dated 8 June 1934).

On 3 September ex-member and NZART Secretary Bill Turner (ex -ZL2RR/ZL1PY )passed away and members were notified that they now belonged to an Incorporated Society!

The April 85 meeting heard that the Wanganui Car Club Rooms were available for $18,500 ONO but no interest was shown!

An attempt to form an organising committee for the ‘87 NZART Conference to be held in Wanganui failed at the July meeting through lack of a quorum but August saw the appointment of Kay ZL2TJW, Alec ZL2BDC, Mike ZL1BNB and Barry ZL2AUS to oversee the operation. (Craig, ZL2MD, accepted the post of Chairman of the Conference Committee at a later date.)

During November, Leo ZL2BGE & Peter ZL2TDI fitted a new front-end to the Branch IC 211.

March 1987 saw new member John Wakely (ZL3TJIE/ ZL2HK) welcomed to the Branch and the ‘87 Conference registration form was made available to members.

It was all go for members over the Queen’s Birthday week-end with the Branch host to NZART. Many unsolicited comments of praise were received for its efforts at running Conference.

The response to a very ‘rare’ editorial questioning the adequacy of the Society’s repeater to provide coverage to much of the Branch AREC territory, as well as the lack of 2-metre coverage of the Parapara Road in the April edition of the Branch newsletter was well received and eventually led to the commissioning 16 months later of the present Wanganui 690. It was thanks to Peter ZL2TDI that the Branch had a very suitable hill-top, namely Maewa, to site this device. (The conditions imposed by Telecom to partake in a facility sharing arrangement with them had been deemed unacceptable.)

A notice of motion seeking approval to buy a kit-set hut and a suitable pole for Maewa was passed at the Oct AGM and December saw approval from FMTAG to relocate WGI 690 and the allocation of 725 for Shakespeare Road.

March 1988 saw Mr & Mrs Alec (ZL2BDC/VK6BEB) Smith sell up in Wanganui and return to their native West Australia.

With the cost of a PO box now sky-rocketed to $90:00, the Society’s registered office address was changed to 1 Caversham Road; a saving of $2:00 per member! Because of time restraints placed upon it, the Branch Committee placed an order for a Tait T355/02 T356/02 combination repeater and then had the meeting endorse its actions. (The Committee was fully aware that it had exceeded its authority with these actions but acted in accordance with various resolutions of the past.)

New members John Eastwood ZL2IJ and Ross Barnes ZL2UDA were welcomed to the Branch in March and Strath ZL2AAJ was thanked for the donation of the vinyl flooring and Tom ZL2KL for the laying of same in the repeater hut.

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