Wanganui Branch History

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The 1st January 1982 saw Branch members having access to the new Amateur allocation in the 10 MHz band.

At the February ‘82 meeting, new member Godfrey Gray ZL3BB was welcomed to the Branch and Peter ZL2TDI gave a run-down on the new fibreglass poles he had made-up for the Branch.

A recent arrival in the district, Mike Newman ZL1BNB, turned up at our National Field Day station. At the April meeting, members stood in tribute to the late Ian Cockburn ZL2IW and then discussed John Dunlop ZL2BMG’s notice of motion that we relocate to St Johns Hill School. The mover was absent from the meeting and notice was given that he wished deleted the reference to St John’s Hill School. The open-ended request was disliked by all and the matter was left to the Committee to consider any concrete proposals on their merit and report back to meeting but, in the meantime, the Branch to stay at the Deerstalkers under the present tenancy agreement.

The ‘Wanganui Award’

June 1982 saw the go-ahead for the Wanganui Award with Graham ZL2AHR being given permission to proceed accordingly.

July’s meeting dealt with the matter of un-financial members, especially those holding office and are suppose to assume higher office at the next AGM. It was decided that the branch should have a constitution and also become an Incorporated Society.

At that year’s AGM Dave Blair ,ZL2MR, was congratulated on his fifty years a licensed amateur and a notice of motion (ZL2AUS- ZL2BGE) that Branch 48 be known as ‘The Wanganui Amateur Radio Society’ was adopted. The meeting gave the go-ahead for the constitution as adopted be forwarded to NZART for approval. It was also moved (ZL2AJL - ZL2BGE) and passed that we apply for Incorporation.

The March ‘83 meeting saw Mr Dave Blair, ZL2MR being elected an Honorary Life member of the Branch “in recognition of his fifty years a licensed amateur.”

At the April meeting, to be fair to all, Mr Norm Walding ZL2GZ was elected an Honorary Life Member of the Branch in recognition of his 55 years a licensed amateur.

At the June meeting Graham ZL2AHR was presented with his 1st place certificate in the recent WARO contest and at the July meet the committee was instructed to look at the pros and cons of extending the present club rooms or investigate alternative accommodation. The next meeting was informed that the cost would be about $6,000 for a 24 x 18 ft extension and a vote on the matter was to take place at the following month’s meeting.

Discussion on an alternative plan of resiting a prefab classroom from Wanganui Intermediate to St Johns Hill School resulted in the decision that ‘John Dunlop be asked for a firm proposal and, if none is received, we do not proceed with the alternative.”

Branch Generator and Official Top-Table Cover

At the Branch Dinner held at the Shangri-La on 16 July 1983 to celebrate World Communication Year, Mr and Mrs Strath (ZL2AAJ) Davis presented the Branch with a gold cloth embossed with the NZART symbol and ZL2JA.

The 1983 AGM agreed that ‘The building of new clubrooms was not on.”

The November meeting, taking due note of the logistics of shifting the Branch generator to various activities, gave Peter ZL2TDI the nod to purchase a near-new Honda generator for the cost of $750:00 (it was discounted to $700:00 by Viper.).

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