Wanganui Branch History

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Change of Branch Call-Sign

Owen ZL2AWR handed his resignation in at the November meeting and was wished well on his shift back to Marton and it was decided to apply to the NZPO for a change of Branch Callsign from ZL2BAW to ZL2JA in memory of long-time member Don Chisholm.

March 1978 saw the Branch’s National Field Day effort take place for the first time from the Aranui School site and in May the President congratulated Ivan Horn (ZL2TWI - now ZL2ATU) and Colin Wilson (ZL2TWM - now ZL2WM) on their successes in the recent exams. At the September meeting visitor Alec Smith (ZL2BDC ex VK6) gave a talk on Wartime Communications.

At the July 1979 meeting Alec ZL2BDC was elected Auditor to replace the recently departed Bruce Barkman ZL2AAJ. Bruce had Honorary Life Membership bestowed on him in recognition of the vital roles he had played within the Branch since his arrival in Wanganui in November 1947.

At the October 1980 AGM. a mini-crisis was averted when the President resigned after agreeing to once again take up the position of Secretary and Leo ZL2BGE accepted the post of President on the condition that the meeting agreed to accept that from that point forward the V/President would automatically assume the Chair the following year. This was meant to see a lot more Branch members become involved in the management of the Branch. (!!!)

At the November Meeting Peter ZL2TDI informed that the antennas of Channel C were now further up the mast than before. This was made possible by the Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board (W.R.E.P.B) adding another section to their Shakespeare Hill mast.

At the December ‘80 meeting it was decided to sell the Eddystone receiver, purchase a second-hand 1C211 and investigate the ramifications of Incorporation.

AREC Section-Leader Craig ZL2MD informed the meeting that Civil Defence was to sell the 4 FT125s because the P.O. did not like the efficiency of this type of rig. $1600 Codans were to replace this equipment.

New Club Rooms Mooted!

The Branch turned down the “offer” of accommodation at Purnell House, the asking rent was exorbitant. Channel C had also been shut-down for 48 hours whilst Trustees Peter ZL2TDI & Leo ZL2BGE, along with Gary Moles ZL2AKI, worked on the problem transmitter-bug. Russell Crane ZL2AXN raised the subject and spoke on his views of the desirability of the Club obtaining its own premises. He then gave details of the lease we would be able to enter into for the use of a small hall at the back of the Church in Brassey Road.

The March ‘81 meeting congratulated Tom Johns (ZL2TZM) on his upgrade to ZL2KL. For a brief period Tom operated as ZL2CF but soon was involved in a confrontation on 80 metres when someone took exception to his use of the South Hawkes Bay Vintage Radio Club call-sign. The N.Z.P.O. took urgent action to rectify their muck-up! This meeting provided one of the most (if not the most!) animated discussions in its history when CD Controller Jack Hatchwell gave the floor to CD Communications Officer Mr Ted Fox.

‘690 Wanganui’ and Further Agitation for a Shift!

Our repeater Trustees notified the April 1981 meeting of their intention to put our repeater onto 146.900 on Sat 11 April and the decision was made to let lapse the idea of shifting out of our club-rooms.

In May, Bob ZL2AAQ was wished well with his projected shift to Tauranga and appoint-ed Colin ZL2TWM to head our Hobby Exhibition team.

The month of June saw Graham (ZL2TZQ) being congratulated on his upgrade to ZL2AHR. The August meeting decided that the Branch write to the Town Clerk expressing interest in the recently vacated Tenderkist Band-room but the Art Society picked up their option on the premises.

President Leo ZL2BGE decreed at the September meeting (in relation to the proposed VHF Field Day participation) that “When the Branch call is used at any event, ALL members should be able to participate as of right and not by invitation.”

Craig ZL2MD advised members to get up any towers or poles pronto before the review of the District scheme. At the November Meeting members were informed of a break-in (not the magazine!) of the club-rooms and damage consisted of a screwdriver being poked into the FT200 meter, the power supply plug ripped off, the Ranger set microphone cut off and taken and a hole punched into the wall. That meeting decided on the purchase of a Fox Tango 2.1kHz filter for the FT200 and the death of Hugh Millward, ZL2KN was noted.

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