Wanganui Branch History

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April 1997 saw Mike ZL1BNB being thanked for his efforts to get forty- plus people to lodge objections to the proposed height restrictions contained in the ‘Proposed Wanganui District Plan.’

Frank Wiggens ZL1IP, ex ZL2MV. a foundation Committee Member of Br 48 and one-time owner of Bennett Radio in Maria Place, passed away 17 November 1997 at Tauranga, his home QTH since the late 1960s.

The December 1997 mag wished Mike ZL1BNB well on his retirement and even foolishly raved on that Mike will have ‘Plenty of time to complete a few of those projects lying about the shack!’

The June 1998 Magazine recorded the QSYing to Taupo of Peter Aurisch ZL2UEW. In July, John Bayertz, ZL2JDB became a Silent Key, and August saw Alan Roberts (ZL2AWR) being congratulated on his joining the amateur ranks.

November’s meeting formed a working party which was tasked with investigating access to the National System from Wanganui.

December 1998 saw the Branch once more ensconced at the Deerstalkers, the Council option had completely lost its lustre for most members by then.

1999: For some reason the April - June meetings reverted to the Council Chambers before finally returning permanently to the Deerstalkers Hall in July.

One-time Branch member and Office holder (Secretary ‘59 - Dec 60 & president 61-64) Barney (Lawton Barnett) ZL2ALW S.K (22/March). Palmerstonian John ZL2TXT (later ZL2JXT, now ZL2JC) joined up with us in April.

August marked the first Amateur Operators Examination conducted by the Branch appointed team.

September’s issue of the Cat’s Whisker contained a survey questionnaire for members to fill in and return to the Nat System Working Party to assist them in their deliberations.

Jason Wallace ZL2WJA/ZL2FT was congratulated on his recent pass for an Amateur ’ Limited Licence’ at the October General Meeting.

The 2000 AGM following that meeting was adjourned through lack of a quorum. A successful AGM took place on 30 October following an early November General Monthly Meeting. Messrs Don Sutherland ZL2AJL and Craig Mills ZL2MD were elected Honorary Life Members of the Branch for their many years of service to the Branch.

December 4 saw the passing of life member Don ZL2AJL.

Branch members under the guidance of Jeff ZL2THO and Mike ZL1BNB put in over 300 hours fulfilling the Branch’s undertaking to sort out the late ZL2AJL’s radio equipment.

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