Wanganui Branch History

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The beginning of 1991 saw the passing of Life Member (and widow of Don ZL2JA) Mrs Pauline (Pop) Chishoim.

February 1991’s newsletter alerted members to the fact that Bill’s daughter Mrs Brenda Anderson resurrected the printing business started about sixty-five years previously by her grandfather, the late Norm Hopper.

On May 2 1991 Life Member and Branch Treasurer of 17 years (and the first resident Wanganui YL to sit and obtain an Amateur Operator’s Certificate) Mrs Kay Stewart ZL2TJW passed away at the Wanganui Base Hospital.

October 199l was the month that Tom ZL2KL fitted carpet donated by Strath ZL2AAJ as well as some vinyl at the Branch room at the back of the Deerstalkers Hall; thus ending a 4 1/2 year saga to upgrade said room!

During November the Branch, under the stewardship of Rod ZL2ACE, took part in the Wanganui Festival at the Sports Stadium.

February 1992 saw the passing of one-time member of Br 48, Mr Frederick (Shah) Withers ZL2BBG and on 7 November Life Member Mr Dave Blair ZL2MR became a silent key whilst a patient in the Kowhainui Hospital.

In April 1993, one-time member Mr Ken Bennett ZL2ANU passed away at his QTH in Blenheim. The May 1993 Junk Sale was run by new Co-ordinator Graham ZL2AHR after the previous incumbent of 19 years (Barry ZL2RR) stepped down. July 9 1993 saw the passing of one-time long time member of Branch 48 Mr Vic Cook (ex-ZL2TLX/ZL2BRJ’ and on the 12th of the same month and past member of the Branch Mr Laurie Hartwell ZL2SY also became a silent key in the Wanganui Hospital!

New Meeting Venue Decided On

The November 1993 meeting decided that future monthly meetings of the Branch would be held at Civil Defence Headquarters which were in the “Gas Building” St Hill Street.

In April 1994, the Branch set up a BBS with Colin ZL2TWM at the helm and in June, Branch meetings commenced being held in the new CD H/Q located on the top floor of the District Council’s offices.

August 1995 saw the departure for Blenheim of Val & Malcolm (ZL2AMP) Fretter. September saw the passing of our Patron Mr Jack Ragan ZL2AXC (ex ZL2AOM/ VR2AZ) and in November another (successful!) effort to hold a regular Branch net was undertaken by Patrick ZL2WPR.

July 1996 saw the introduction of the Wanganui Branch 48 Golden Jubilee Award which ran for four months and Alec Smith VK6BEB/ex-ZL2BDC celebrated 50 years as an amateur.

A paltry number (24) of people attended our Golden Jubilee Dinner (The halcyon days of the late 70s -early 80s saw up to 60 attend the annual ‘do’ - Ed)

August saw member George ZL2BJ let his licence lapse and very shortly after suffered a heart attack. Jeff Howe ZL2THO was congratulated on his passing of the Amateur Radio examination at the October Meeting and ZL2BJ became a silent key on the 13th of the month.

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