Wanganui Branch History

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The February 1976 meeting was informed by Leo ZL2BGE that the repeater kit was together and Peter ZL2TDI had the plans for the cabinet. The 2-metre repeater was displayed to members attending the July ‘76 meeting and was then handed to Don ZL2AJL who was to do the alignment of the device. At the September meeting Peter ZL2TDI informed of the problems encountered with the construction of the filters for the 2-metre repeater.

Channel C on Air (Albeit Briefly!)

December 1976 meeting attendees were informed by Peter ZL2TDI that our repeater was on over the week-end of Dec 3-5 but was shut down because of the 22nd harmonic of the 8 meg rock causing TVI on Channel 4 and the 13th harmonic causing interference with Fairclough’s R/T. The battery charger was overheating resulting in the rig heating and producing spurious emissions. The club also purchased an Eddystone 888 for $50:00 plus the club’s CR100 in exchange.

At the March 1977 meeting tributes were paid to the late Mr Joe Johnson ZL2GA (Fred, ZL2AMJ’s OM) and in April to the late Mr Roy Johnson ZL2MO. The April meeting was also notified that Channel C was up and running but more filtering was required to stop the blocking of the receiver by a strong city-signal working Channel D.

The month of May saw members standing in silence as a mark of respect for our late Patron and member Mr John Lynch ZL2QW.

A visitor at that meeting was Graham (now ZL2AHR). The meeting also directed that strong letters be fired off to the Break-In Editor and to Council over the unwarranted attack on the Branch and its competency re Channel C and the facts to be brought to the notice of all.

Committee meetings held in July firstly decided to recommend that the next Branch meeting be requested to grant permission for it to purchase an FT223 2-metre rig and that the maximum commission on any single item be set at $45:00 at the next Junk Sale; this the result of the first piece of classy commercial gear offered - but withdrawn before coming up for bidding on - at our Sale: This piece of equipment was a TS700 which, if sold for its reserve, would have attracted $95 commission! Maximum commission was later dropped to $20:00 per item [March ‘80 meeting.])

The second committee meeting of that month was told that the FT223 was no longer available as Customs had refused import licences that year. Gemini Electronics said that the TS 7200G could not be imported but that the Multi 11 is still available as it offered ‘facilities (scanning) which the local product does not.’ An order was placed for a Multi and the Committee also decided to offer to members the chance to purchase the ZC 1s of AREC now that they had been released to the clubs. The Branch also decided to purchase two Wellington-Walkie kits and offer members the chance to also put together a kit for themselves if they so desired.

The Multi 11 failed to materialise but unexpectedly a TS 7200G turned up in its place. The October ‘77 AGM voted in favour of the Committee recommendations to elect Mrs P Chisholm (widow of ZL2JA and long-time Junk Sale worker) and Mr Alan Shearer ZL2ADS as Honorary Life Members of Branch 48.

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