Wanganui Branch History

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At the October ‘66 A.G.M. it was moved Alan ZL2ADS, seconded Mac ZL2HM that the office of Patron be created. Following the adoption of this course, Jack ZL2QW was duly elected to fill the position.

The March 1967 minutes recorded the passing of Mr Alex Rennie ZL2AR.

A hearty welcome to new amateurs Chas (sic) Withers ZL2BBG and Leo Boyle ZL2BGE was extended at the June Meeting.

F.R. - Fred - better known as ‘Shah’ Withers was the son of Roy Withers, king pin of the first Wanganui Amateur Radio Club.

December 1967 saw AREC ending its year by providing comms for the National Cycling Champs in Wanganui.

1968-70: Members trekked to Wharite to view the TV installation during April 1968 and also learned that the Wanganui Car Club had decided to use CB to cover its meeting. The May 18 Junk Sale was described as probably the “best ever” by President Craig ZL2MD.

After much discussion at the 1 July 1968 meeting it was moved by Don ZL2JA, seconded by Harold ZL2AYS, that the date of the Junk Sale be fixed at the 1st Saturday in May.

Bill ZL2AMV retired in May 1968 and shifted from Wanganui to Masterton a couple of months later.

An interesting excuse offered at the August meeting for no action having been taken on the July meeting’s instruction that a ‘Ladies night to be held’; The President advised nothing had been done in this matter due to “the weather and other factors not being helpful!!”

Members were reported as being concerned about the activities on the Citizens’ Band where there were open discussions on antennas etc outside of their licenses: “they should be encouraged to join NZART!” A letter was to be shot off to NZART. Talk of buying a generator over previous months was terminated when it was reported to the August ‘68 meeting that despite ZL2BBG’s assurance of prices between $70 - $80 for light weight generators, enquiries revealed that that the actual asking price was $234:00 (less 15% to holders of overseas funds.) The Branch resolved to discuss transistorised equipment at the next meeting! This discussion led to the decision ‘not to proceed with AC equipment and to go the transistor way when opportunity offered.’

At the May 1969 meeting, the matter of an alternator for field day was discussed. Moved Don ZL2JA, seconded Owen ZL2AWR that an approach be made to buy Jimmy’s alternator, up to the amount of S100:00: 10 for 5 against. (Believe me - it was the original boat anchor!! It was last seen - some years and several hernias later - disappearing in the direction of ZL2AXB’s QTH. -Ed)

December 1969 saw the Branch fronting up at a Hobbies Exhibition and also Mr Joe Johnson ZL2GA was nominated for the position of a ZL2 Councillor of NZART. (Joe Johnson, back in 1926, was one of the founding fathers of NZART) ZL2GA was duly so elected.

After months of talk at Branch meetings, the matter of the building of a shelter to house our portable generator was discussed with the Deerstalkers who gave permission for just such an extension. (Never Happened!-Ed)

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