Wanganui Branch History

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At the conclusion of the meeting, Hon Pres and local traffic cop Cyril ZL2AMD demonstrated the latest menace on the roads - the cops’ radar detector!

The Branch AREC section covered the February 1958 National Rowing Championships (If my memory serves me correctly, all the houses around Brunswick Road/Somme Parade had rowing boats on their front lawns as the mighty Wanganui raged during the Rowing Champs -Ed) and several members were involved with assistance in the Taumarunui and Te Kuiti floods around that time.

At the June meeting, the President congratulated George Gibson on his passing of the exam for his operators’ license. A motion ‘that meetings in future start at 7-30pm instead of 8pm’ put to the July ‘58 meeting by Jack ZL2QW and George Gibson was carried and was followed by a ceremony initiating George Gibson into the ranks of transmitting ‘Hams’ and bestowing the “dubious” title of ZL2BJ on him was held. August saw the Branch involved in a Hobbies Exhibition.

Civil Defence
: At the October 6 1959 meeting the passing of Mr Norm Hopper was recorded and due respect paid to his memory by fellow Branch members.

Civil Defence had come into being and AREC Section Leader Bruce ZL2AAJ named his Civil Defence Committee as Alec ZL2AR, Alan ZL2ADS, Laurie ZL2SY and himself. After much discussion the meeting resolved that the local Branch would supply the 30 operators required by the Civil Defence Organisation.

At the December ‘59 meeting, new member Harold Burton (later ZL2AYS) - ‘who had caught the bug’ was welcomed.

At the February 2 1960 meeting Charlie Berry ZL2BY was presented with a pipe and a scroll signed by all present: This being because of his leaving Wanganui. Members were reminded of the sterling effort Charlie had made for amateur radio since being licensed in 1929 (1927 actually - Ed) in speeches of farewell made by Alec Rennie ZL2AR & Jack ZL2QW. (ZL2BY shifted to Buffalo Beach. Whitianga and was re-branded ZL1DX)

It was recorded in the April 1960 meeting that Bill Farley had re­ceived the callsign ZL2AMV (later ZL1MB). In June of 1960 the Branch contacted Mr Bill Tolhurst, Secretary of the Wanganui Industries Fair and requested space for a display but in July cancelled when space was made available but it was then found the asking price too steep!

The August meeting was informed that space had been allocated to them gratis. A roster was made out and arrangements were put in place to have a display in place for the Fair which was being held later that month.

Branch Visitors’ Book!
Bill Farley, ZL2AMV, at the December ‘60 meeting donated to the Branch a very ‘handsome’ visitors' book which he had ‘caused’ to be printed especially for us.

The minutes of the February 1961 meeting contained the following intriguing entry ‘Approx 100 rounds of 22 ammunition were donated to the Branch by S Davis, one of our newer members.’ An apology was noted from present day member Mr Leo Boyle.

This meeting was informed of the parlous state of the Branch finances and a motion put and carried raised subs from 5/- to 7/6d, back-dated to December 1960.

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