Wanganui Branch History

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Mr Charlie Shennan ZL2HS (ex Wellington) joined up with the Branch in July ‘51 and Ken Bennett ZL2ANU in August. That same month saw the Branch put on a display at the YMCA hobbies exhibition as well as starting to use the YMCA premises for the holding their monthly meetings (reason for change unknown.)

March 1952 saw ZL2HS elected REC Section Leader and in August of that year Mr Craig Mills resigned his membership of the Branch through his pending transfer to New Plymouth.

The End is Nigh!
Following the non-meeting in September, a circular (details unrecorded) was eventually sent out to members and a special meeting was convened on 12 November 1952. ZL2HS explained the purpose of the circular and three letters from former members were then read out and eventually a resolution that “at the December meeting a new management committee be formed” was adopted. The AGM which followed the December General Meeting saw ZL2BY nominated for President. In view of the condition of the Branch at that time. Mr Berry declined with thanks and there being no further nominations, ZL2AOM moved that the meeting adjourn sine die but that there be a caretaker appointed. Following that, ZL2SY moved that the branch funds be deposited in the Post Office Savings Bank. It was then moved that ZL2AAJ have the power to withdraw from the Post Office Savings Bank and also hold the branch records and ZL2AJL to hold the REC equipment. Following this, ZL2AAJ offered himself for election as President. So the fateful day was put off a little longer.

AREC & the Deerstalkers
At the 4 March 1953 meeting Bruce ZL2AAJ put forward proposals for co­operation between the Deerstalkers and AREC. At the June meeting it was decided that, due to poor meeting attendances, future meetings would be held in members homes. September saw an informal meeting through lack of numbers attending and at the Special meeting held at the YMCA on 7 October 1953 the following motion was read to the meeting by ZL2AAJ: “That the regular monthly meetings be discontinued and that any further meeting may be called by the Secretary as he sees fit or on the application of any two members.” Carried by 14 votes to 1

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