Wanganui Branch History

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The Second Coming!

SPECIAL MEETING Wed 2 October 1957

This meeting, held in the YMCA lounge, was opened by the chairman Mr DB Barkman, ZL2AAJ, at 8pm with an attendance of 19. In his remarks the chairman stated that he first of all would like to test the feeling of the meeting as to whether it would be possible to get the club functioning again, and then called on Mr J.S. Lynch ZL2QW to outline the reasons for the calling of the meeting.

Mr Lynch stated that, at the last Conference of NZART, he had given the H/Q committee an assurance that he would make enquires and take steps to requisition for a special meeting with the view of reforming the Wanganui Branch, and could see no reason why the club could not get going if everyone lent a hand, as there were quite a few new hams in the district and a lot of interested listeners.

Mr A.D. Shearer ZL2ADS stated that he had given the matter some thought as to the final winding-up of the club four years ago and had come to the conclusion that it was through Wanganui taking on the terrific job of running the national H/Q that most members had been over-burdened with work and consequently lost all interest in amateur radio. He said that he was quite prepared to put a shoulder to the wheel as the need was definitely there for a meeting, at various times, of the local ham population.

Other members spoke and on a motion of Messrs Daws ZL2SE and Shearer ZL2ADS that the Wanganui Branch of NZART be re-formed, the meeting voted in favour to so do.

This was followed by an election of officers and the following were elected:

President: Mr Cyril Adams ZL2AMD.
Secretary: Mr Alan Shearer ZL2ADS,
Mr Jack Lynch ZL2QW,
Mr Owen Hunt ZL2AWR,
Mr Ken Bennett ZL2ANU;
AREC S/L: Mr Bruce Barkman ZL2AAJ,
AREC Deputy Section Leader: Mr Ian Kerr ZL2AFR,
Equipment Officer: Mr Brian Jones ZL2AFW

(A lot of names well known to many present day members!)

The 1957-58 meetings were apparently held in the Druids Lodge Hall until the offer of the St Peter’s Church Hall for the August 1958 meeting.

At the December 1957 meeting, two visitors were welcomed; namely Mr Jack Ragan VR2AZ and Mr Doug Sandford ZL2AI from the Waimarino Branch. Doug was well known locally and assisted in the building of the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ some 25 years earlier. Ivan Kendall was elected Branch QSL Manager.

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