Wanganui Branch History

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The formation of the above Branch, the advertising it got, the added interest it gave to the general public and the knowledge to them that to belong to the N.Z.A.R.T. is to belong to the finest band of men and women to be assembled anywhere in the world, is going to give amateur radio an impetus in the River City.

News is scarce from the local amateurs but 2FV is trying to sell out. 2BY is QRL, 2BR ditto. Have not heard from 2JA for sum time. 2KN is still busy on the air The rest of the gang have been club organisers for the last month. Still, no news is good news, so au revoir — ZL2CT, Secretary, local Branch NZ.A.R.T., Wanganui.

Unfortunately, the Secretary was not so up-beat after the September meeting when he asked “Who said amateur radio was going to the pack? Who-ever it was, have an idea he was right, or am I being carried away by the convincing fact that there were only four hams present at our last meeting.”

An official phone station has been appointed for the Wanganui Branch of N.Z.A.R.T. and ZL2MP, by permission of the P. and T. Department, fills this position Items of interest to members are broadcast by him every Sunday morning at 11am and followed by 15 minutes slow morse practise.

R.E.C. had recently been formed and the situation on the local front was not good: An endeavour by 2CT to form a local R.E.C. Section met with no response. However, 2Cn carries out a test or skeds with the Government station, so “guess we are well prepared for an emergency.”

Roy Johnston, ZL2MO and W. Powell, ZL2MP were congratulated on obtaining their tickets, thus ‘making 15 hams in Wanganui’

The writer went onto say that 2CS was leaving Wanganui to live in Auckland and the writer himself (ZL2CT local Branch Secretary) was leaving Wanganui to live in Wellington. The drift to the ‘Big Smokes’ was alive and well 75 years ago!

The departure of ZL2CT coincided with the drying up of info about this club’s activities.

Wanganui Amateurs - 1932  
Alex Rennie
Jack Dacre
Ken Lambert
Charlie Berry
Lionel Cannons
Earnest Bradley
M Larking
Jack Parsons
E Openshaw
Jack McCann
Norm Hopper
Don Chisholm
Hugh Millward
Roy Johnston
W Powel
Shortwave Listeners
Advertisement, Wanganui Chronicle 2 August 1932

ZL2CM was a wireman and looked after a local B/C Station (presumably D A Morrison’s 2ZK)
ZL2FV was a gun CW man - P&T Operator.
ZL2CN was the local R.I.

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