Wanganui Branch History

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The ‘Missing’ Links!

The Wanganui Amateur Radio Society, Branch 48 NZART, has been reported as having been the fourth such club to have been formed in Wanganui over the years. Much is known about the Mk I effort (Wanganui Amateur Radio Club formed in 1920) and the Mk IV model (Branch 48 NZART), but what about the Mk II and MKIII models?

Wanganui Amateur Transmitting Club

When was this club formed?

Did it evolve out of the Listeners’ League?

Other than the fact that it was in existence in the very early ‘thirties, no further information (other than the fact that Alex Rennie, ZL2AR, was its Secretary) has been able to be unearthed to enlighten us on its activities.

The first meeting of the Club for 1932 was to be held at ZL2AR’s on the 20th June so it did not appear that it bothered holding meetings too frequently!!

Presumably, as a result of that meeting, the following events eventuated.

As reported at the time:

‘A progressive step for radio in Wanganui was the formation of a local Branch of the NZART. This has been achieved through the untiring efforts of ZL2AR, secretary for the old Wanganui Amateur Transmitters’ Club, together with the help of the other Transmitters.’

A fair sized hall was obtained for the third of last month, (August) and a general meeting called, inviting all those interested in short-wave transmission and reception to attend. Advertised through the two local papers, the result was an attendance of 40.

After putting before those present the objects of the N.Z.A.R.T., ZL2AR called for nominations for presidency. Mr C Leigh, a very enthusiastic listener, was nominated by 2CT, seconded by 2CN (the R.I.) and carried.

2AR was made vice-president by a suggestion from the president (Mr Leigh) that they would be able to work together to advantage if 2AR filled that position, and seconded by 2CT, this was carried. Nominated by 2AR, 2CT was made secretary. This was seconded by 2BR. Carried.

The committee was then made up of five listeners present. As will be seen, the president and committee were chosen from the listeners, thus giving to the non-transmitting members a knowledge that their interests are to be well looked after. A suggestion from the president, Mr Leigh, that a slow morse class be formed was welcomed by those present anxious to learn the code. Accordingly, a hall was booked for August 10, and this first class was taken by 2CT and Mr Powell who has passed his exam and is awaiting a call sign. There was an attendance of 18 at this class, showing the interest that is taken in the code by those unable to practice at home. We were also honoured by the attendance of a YL in the person of Miss O Leigh. Wanganui has high hopes for having a YL operator. For three nights in each week, slow Morse is given over the air by 2CV, 2KN and 2CT.

Among those present at the N.Z.A.R.T meeting were listeners as far away as Bulls Fordell and Marton. That the meetings are held on the first Wednesday in each month at the Cadora Tearooms was carried. After all officers had been elected and club business finished, a description of the three transmitters that were brought down especially for the listeners’ benefit was given. 2AR gave very interesting description of his own and 2CT’s transmitter, and connecting his own up, showed it actually working. The morning after this meeting (no, we didn’t have thick heads) the transmitters were put on show, together with DX cards, in a local radio dealer’s window, creating much interest to the public

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