Wanganui Branch History

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“Wanganui Chronicle“

Plays its Part!

Dusing this time the Wanganui Chronicle helped spread the interest by starting up a weekly column under the heading ‘Wireless by The Grid.’

This contained, in addition to technical information of interest to radio club members, items about the progress of radio transmission in New Zealand. For instance, the issue of Oct 17, 1923, contains a reference to new Auckland station, 1YB, owned by the La Gloria Gramophone Co. Auckland. Of local interest is a paragraph to say that 2AH, the Wanganui station, had transmitted two very fine programmes. The paper commended the Radio Club on its progress.

By 1926, the Chronicle had extended its service to radio fans by publishing a column twice a week, under the heading Listen In. This was conducted by Detector (Mr W Baxter who was member of the paper’s literary staff up into the 60s.)

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