Rodney (Rod) Peter Greene, ZL2ACE


In 1952 Rod topped New Zealand for the Radio Serviceman's' Examination.

From 1953 through until the end of 1956, Rod was employed by Civil Aviation when he returned to work for Associated Radio until he became the Home-Call Mr Fix-it “Putting it Right” for LV Martin. During 1959 he left LV Martin's and started up his own business trading as ‘Ngaio Electronics.’

ZL2ACE was active right through this period and on his Ngaio ½ acre he had switchable V-beams and quads, amongst others. Besides HF, six and two metre (along with 460 megs) capability had been added to the line-up in 1954.

The highlight for Rod during this time was the provision of a 2 metre/20 metre link from the Wellington Winter Show through which the Wellington mayor Frank Kitts spoke direct to Sir Edmund Hillary down in the Antarctica.

During Rod’s time as a member of Branch 50 NZART, Wellington, he was Treasurer for the 1954 National Conference and in 1960, the Secretary of the National Conference Committee. From 1955 thru to 1962 he filled the position of Secretary of the Communications Committee (AREC).

Around 1964/65 Rod was a member of the ZL2PZ group that obtained a permit to run up to two kilowatts for the purpose of carrying out moon bounce experiments. This group included (amongst others) Gordon Huckin, ZL2AQU, Cliff Reed, Neville Roberts ZL2ANR and Noel Mullis ZL3QC.

In the mid-sixties Rod started collecting Collins equipment and during 2001 he sold most of this off to another good ’home’ to ensure it will carry on being treasured in the future.

In late 1975 he shifted from Ngaio to Newlands from where over the next few years he conducted regular 2 Metre SSB simplex contacts with Bob Holt ZL1BBZ way up the country in Waiuku.

1962 saw Rod take up employment as assistant manager and specialist in valves, semi-conductors and test equipment for Odlin Agencies. He was promoted to Manager in 1970, retaining that position until 1984.When the 1984 takeover of Odlins by Winstones (which on purchase set about dismantling the firm) was imminent, Rod took early retirement. (At the time of the take-over, Odlins were the longest surviving wholesale importer of radio in New Zealand. Some of the brands they were responsible for included Zenith, Atwater Kent, Mullard and Stewart Warner.)

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