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Hello and Welcome to Our Web Page

          You have only to the END of this year to get your 
          Wanganui Golden Jubilee Award!  
          See details below.

          I have added some pictures of our repeater site. (690 Wanganui)
          There are some shots of our working bee up the hill putting up
          the hut and antenna pole.
          Follow the link below to view them.
          73 de Colin Zl2TWM...

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Branch Meetings

          The Wanganui Amateur Radio Society Inc. meets on the first 
          non-public holiday Monday each of month (except Jan) at 19:30
          hours at the Wanganui Civil Defence Headquarters. (Top floor
          City Council Chambers, corner Guyton/St Hill Streets, Wanganui)
          Subs are just ten bucks per year!

          Visitors most Welcome

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Branch Net

          The weekly Branch "net" is held on Tuesday nights on
          Wanganui's "690" repeater, (Repeater transmits on 146.9 MHz) 
          at 20:00 hours. The net controller is Patrick ZL2WPR, using
          the Branch call, ZL2JA.

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Wanganui Branch 48, Golden Jubilee Award

              1.  A total of 10 points required
              2.  Contact with ZL2JA Compulsory
              3.  Repeater contacts are allowed, but each member
                  of branch48 can only be worked once.
              4.  Contacts are permitted on any frequency in any mode,
                  including Packet. Net contacts are allowed, except
                  the branch net.
              5.  One point for each contact.
                  Five points for ZL2JA
                  Only contacts with members of Branch 48 at any
                  location will count.
              6.  A log of contacts, signed by the operator is required,
                  with dates and appropriate details.
              7.  The award will run from the 1st July
                  to the end of 1996. 
              8.  Cost, As per wanganui Award below 
              9.  Runs only to the end of THIS YEAR!  Hurry!

Jubilee Award Picture, Click on here to see full Image! Click On image to see large veiw (48k 640x564 Pixel Jpeg)

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Wanganui Award.

                  For Contacts since 1-1-82 with permanent
                  residents in the Wanganui area-one point;
                  with Wanganui-based Mobile stations regardless
                  of location-one point; with ZL2JA-two points.
                  Overseas stations require three points;
                  New Zealand stations require five points
                  (Repeater contacts acceptable.)
                  Cost, (To cover postage)
                        $NZ5.00 for NZ
                        $A5.00 for Australia
                        $US5.00 for the rest of the World
                  Applications to:- 
                  The Awards Manager
                  Branch 48 NZART
                  1 Caversham Rd
                  Wanganui  5001

                  73's De ZL2ALO  Tony

Wanganui  Award Picture, Click on here to see full Image! Click on image to see a larger view. (48k 640x564 pixel, JPEG)

          Caption reads;
         "The old Wanganui Town Bridge showing the swing span open, 
          allowing vessels to serve the wharf at Moutoa Gardens. 
          the last ship to pass through the span was the vessel Huia, 
          with a cargo of material to repair the Aramoho Railway Bridge
          in early 1902. Built in Noverber 1871 and replaced in 1969
          with the new Whanganui City Bridge, opening in December 1970."

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Links to Other Sites.

          Goto the NZART Home Page.

          Goto the NZART Branch Links Page.

          Goto club member Glenn ZL1MY's Home Page

          Goto My Home Page

          Some Pictures of Wanganui, New Zealand.
          Including some shots of our "Two Metre" band Repeater.

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Postman Pat, Postman Pat....How To Contact us:

          Branch 48 NZART
          1 Caversham Rd
          Wanganui  5001

          or via me:

          Colin Wilson ZL2TWM.
          By Packet ZL2TWM@ZL2JA.#50.NZ.OC
          or E-Mail,

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