Wanganui New Zealand

Just where is Wanganui New Zealand? (Map) (ZL2TWM)

Up the Whanganui river from Wanganui City. (ZL2WAG)

Whanganui City Bridge. (ZL2WAG)

Memorial Tower, Durie Hill. (ZL2WAG)

Wanganui Railway Bridge. (ZL2WAG)

The Whanganui River winds its way through Wanganui City. (ZL2WAG)

Mount Ruapehu from Wanganui. (ZL1MY)

Mount Ruapehu at Dusk taken from 690 Repeater Site. (ZL2RR)

Wanganui City taken from 690 Repeater Site. (ZL2RR)

Loading up the gear at WREPB (now Powerco) Depot. (ZL2RR)

At the Aircraft Landing strip. We WALK from here to the Site! (Site in Backgound) (ZL2RR)

690 Repeater and Duplexer. (ZL2RR)

Close up view of 690 Repeater. (ZL2RR)

Close up view of Duplexer. (ZL2RR)

Peter ZL2TDI up the mast adjusting rope used to move the hut. (ZL2RR)

Hut is now in position! phew!

A View of the Huts (ours is the small one!) (ZL2RR)

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