Wanganui Amateur Radio Club Membership Listing
It is most unfortunate that there is no membership records available pre 1961. The listing below is made up solely from mentions in the Club’s early days’ meeting minutes. The minutes mentioned the calls of 13 of the 17 licensed amateurs at the inaugural meeting. As an educated guess, the remaining licensed attendees would have been the four amateurs mentioned in the June 1946 minutes. Six ‘prospective” amateurs were also in attendance at that inaugural meeting. Most of the named Non-Transmitting Members have been ignored unless I could link an eventual call-sign to them or they were part of a Committee.

  This listing is based on fact and not fading memories. Most dates are when many were welcomed to the Club: Some when their callsign suddenly started appearing in the minutes!

May 1946:
Alec Rennie       ZL2AR
Charlie Berry     ZL2BY
Ken Lambert       ZL2BR
L Barnes          ZL2PJ
Harry Ford        ZL2SQ
Errol Haywood     ZL2RY
   (resigned in July on 
shifting to Auk - ZL1DG)
Jack Ensoll       ZL2SY
E Gibbs           ZL2RW
Brian McLean      ZL2HM
Peter Stevens
           (Later ZL2AS)
Alf Whitehead   
Frank Hoy         ZL2QF
Bernie Dawes      ZL2SE
Barney O’Leary    ZL2MF
Frank Wiggens     ZL2MW
June 1946
Lloyd McGahan     ZL2QG
Norm Hopper
    (ex-ZL2GH QSL Print)
Bill Turner       ZL2RR
Don Chisholm      ZL2JA
W Bennett         ZL2VT 
July 1946
Roy Johnson       ZL2MO
Ian Wallace       ZL2VK 
August 1946
Laurie Cannons    ZL2CM
Eric Holst        ZL2CO
September 1946
Ray Lee    (Later ZL2AFF)
Alan Shearer
           (Later ZL2ADS)
October 1946
E Johnstone       
Harry Marchant
           (Later ZL2ABN)
November 1946
Hugh Millward     ZL2KN
December 1946
Laurie Hartwell
           (Later ZL2SY)
Miss Joyce Rennie
March 1947
Kelvin Thomas
           (Later ZL2AFD)
April 1947
Don Sutherland
           (Later ZL2AJL)
July 1947
Roger Claridge    ZL2CL
August 1947
Strath Davis
           (Later ZL2AAJ)
October 1947
N Cornick         ZL2CG
Mrs Sutherland
November 1947
Bruce Barkman     ZL2AAJ
December 1947
C Sutherland      ZL2ACM
February 1948
Ian Kerr          ZL2AFR
Ray Neil Ex Pres DX Club
March 1948
J Hill            ZL2AFH
Jim Brown         ZL2ACT
Alf Holland
           (Later ZL2RR)
April 1948
George Cutfield
           (Later ZL2AIO)
M McLean          ZL2ADY*
M Elder           ZL2AFE*
*Out-of-town Collegiate 
School students made 
‘honorary members’
whilst here.
July 1948
Eric Handley
           (Later ZL2AIT     
       then ZL2JR/ZL1FV)
September 1948
G Smith           ZL2NK
December 1948
Paul Bennett      ZL2VV
February 1949
J Cullen          ZL2UI
W Haynes          ZL2QV
               ex Marton
October 1949
Mr Jones!
   (Brian, Later ZL2AFW?)
Merv Thomas
    (Later ZL2ADU/ZL1SK)

April 1950
Brian Jones 
           (Later ZL2AFW)
Vic Cook
    (Later ZL2TLX/ZL2BRV)
November 1950
Craig Mills       ZL2ADG
       (Later ZL1 /ZL2MD)
                -ex PNth
V Townsend        ZL2ACW
                 -ex Npr
December 1950
Mr Jack Ragan     ZL2AOM
     (later VR2AZ/ZL2AXC)
July 1951
Charlie Shennan   ZL2HS
               -ex Wgtn
August 1951
Ken Bennett       ZL2ANU
Tim Shirtcliffe   ZL2ANO
October 1952
Rev F.Bill Chaney ZL2AKM