Radio Emergency Corps cum Amateur Radio Emergency Organization cum Amateur Radio Emergency Corps cum Amateur Radio Emergency Communications has played an active roll throughout the life of this Branch; much of it due to the dedicated officers that have been appointed over the years. An REC section of Branch 48 was first formed at the October 1946 meeting and the first mention of a Section Leader was when it was recorded that B Pryce ZL2ABY resigned from the position because of “swot taking up too much time.” In Oct 49 1an Wallace ZL2VK was appointed leader of the newly acronymed AREO with Charlie Shennan ZL2HS taking over in March 1952 through ‘til the Branch went into recess in October 1953.
From the time of the reformation of Branch 48 in Oct 1957, the Branch has been well served by the following AREC S/Leaders:
  1957 - 62
1962 - 64
1964 - 73
1973 - 80
1980 - 2000
2002 - present
Bruce Barkman ZL2AAJ
Ted Fitton ZL2ARA
Alan Shearer ZL2ADS
Shah Withers ZL2BBG
Craig Mills ZL2MD
Jason Wallace ZL2FT
Following ZL2MD’s unavailability to continue in the role of Section Leader from the 2000 AGM, Mike Newman, ZL1BNB took on a ‘caretaker’ role until 2002 when our present AREC Section Leader ZL2FT was elected to the position.

Besides AREC Field Day activities, AREC has been involved in providing Cormms for SAR (Search & Rescue), Bridge to Bridge swimming, Model Aeroplane ‘Spotting,’ Horse trials. NZ Cycling Champs, Motor Cycle and Car Rallies, Rowing Regattas and NZ Rowing Champs as well as other miscellaneous activities. Following the apparent demise of any requirement of our services by Civil Defence, (due to the ‘infallible’ cell-phone network?) we are now only on standby for SAR.

The Branch, as a whole, now is bereft of ‘qualified’ radio operators to back-up the AREC Section-Leader when it comes to any SAR activity: Such is the draw-back of the present-day mania for certification!